In the Chinese New Year that are many customs and traditions that go with the holiday. The one we will be talking about today is the Red Envelope and what it means.


Red Envelopes are generally passed out from married couples to people who are not married. They are also given to children as well. Sometimes that are given out by employers to their employee.


The envelopes usually have money inside of it. The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits.

The money that is in the envelope is also thought to "suppress or put down the evil spirit". The amount of money in an envelope should be an even number. This is because odd numbers are usually associated with death. The luckiest of the even numbers are 6 and 8.

Now look at your envelope. There should be a picture of an animal next to your name. That animal represents the year that you were born. What year where you born? What animal is it?


On the front of your envelope there is someone's name on it. Go find that person and gift your envelope to them and wish them a happy new year.


Now open your envelope. What kind of dollars do you see? Can you name them?



Which one is the most valuable?

How much money is inside? Is that a lucky number?

If you don't have a lucky amount in your red envelope, how much more do you need to make it a lucky number?

Can you combine with other people in the class to make it a lucky number?