Airplanes are pretty new when compared to many things in our world, but the idea of an airplane and flying through the sky have been around for a long time.


Kites where some of the first man made flyers and can be dated back as far as 2,800 years ago in China.

Kites where used for many things: they were toys, used to send messages, lifting people, testing the wind, and in military operations.

After kites came Gliders. They were similar to kites but once they were in the sky, a glider could be controlled by a pilot.


One of the first powered gliders was built in 1856 by a Frenchman named Jean-Marie Le Bris and had to be pulled by horses in order to build up enough speed to fly.


The people who are said to have built the first successful modern airplane are the Wright brothers.

After that, many other types of airplanes emerged and turned into what we have today.


This is a jet. This is used to transport small groups of people quickly.


Where do you think this plane is mostly used?


This plane is known as a Curtiss P-40 and was used during World War 2.

When we visit the Camarillo Airplane Museum, we will see many planes that were used in combat (war time) by the United States during World War 2 (1939 to 1945).

We will see:


F8F - Bearcat (first flown in 1944)


F6F - Hellcat (first flown in 1942)


Spitfire Mk XIV (first flown in 1936).