Focus Skill 15: Match Pictures of Weather to Same
a. Match rain to rain
b. match sunny to sunny
c. match windy to windy
d. match rainy, cloudy, sunny, and windy when presented two to three choices

Focus Skill 16:
A/B/C/D - Identify rain, windy, sunny, cloudy

Today we are going to talk about weather. There are many types of weather.



Windy Palm Trees.jpeg



Snowy Streets.jpeg
Weather is what the air outside is like.
There are many kinds of weather.

Can someone tell me what some kinds of weather are?

Weather may be warm or cool.
Warm Weather.jpeg

It may be rainy or sunny.
Rainy weather .jpeg

It may be cloudy or windy.
Windy Palm Trees.jpeg

You can use your senses to observe the weather. You can see clouds. You can hear rain. You can feel warm or cool air. You can see wind move things.

Kids Running Sun.jpeg

Looking at this picture, how do you know that it is warm and sunny here?
(You can see sunlight on the children's clothes; the children are wearing cool clothing)

Weather can change from day to day.
Book picture.jpg
One day the weather can be sunny and warm. The next day it can be cloudy and cool. Then clouds may bring rain.

Incomming clouds.jpeg

ventura ca st downtown.jpg

ventura rain.jpeg

There are tools that tell us what the weather is going to be like.

A thermometer is a tool that measures temperature.


What do you think a thermometer tells us about the weather? (how cool or warm the weather is)

Temperature is how warm or cool something is.

Kids in snow.jpeg

When the temperature is cold, you wear clothes that keep you warm.

When it is hot, you wear clothes that help you cool off.

Girl on waterslide.jpg

Cold Jacket.jpg

If you need a coat or jacket, what does that tell you about the temperature?

(pass out work sheet and complete with students using projector)

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