CAPALevel 1 Science Focus Skill 13
a. Match plant to plant
b. sort 3 different types of plants
c. will identify type of plant from from an array of 3 plants (flower, tree cactus, bush)
d. will identify parts of plant (stem, leaves, roots)

Today we are going to talk about plants.
(Show students two objects, one of which is a plant).

Car.jpeg flower2b[1].jpg

Which of these do you think is a plant?

Before we start, let's go over some key vocabulary when talking about plants.

Leaves are parts of a plant that make food for the pant.

Roots 1.gif
Roots are the part of a plant that take in water from the ground.

Roots 2.jpg

Roots 3.jpg

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.41.56 PM.png
The stem (which connects the roots to other plant parts and also holds up the plant),

and the flower (which is the part that makes the leaves).


Sunlight is light from the sun.
Plants need water, light, air, and space to live. Most plants get light from the sun. Light from the sun is called sunlight.

Kids watering plants.jpg

Some plants need a lot of light, other plants do not need much light.
Some plants need more water than other plants. A plant's leaves may sag if they do not get enough water. You can grow healthy plants if you know how what they need.

Plants Water.JPG

Which plant is not getting enough water?

Plants need space to get the air, sunlight, and water they need. Large plants need a lot of space to grow. Small plants do not need as much space as large plants.

Tree Flower.jpg
Big trees need more space than small flowers.
How are the needs of large plants and small plants different? (Large plants need more space than small plants)

Plant Collection.jpg

There are many different kinds of plants. Some common ones are....

Bush 1.JPG


Bush 2.jpg

Bush 3.jpg
Bush 4.jpg
Bush 5.jpg
Bush 6.jpg

Flower 1.jpg

Flower 2.jpg

Flower 4.jpg

Flower 5.jpg


Cactus 1.jpg

Cactus 3.jpg

Cactus 4.jpg
Cactus 5.jpg

Cactus 6.JPG

(Pass out worksheet, then play full bill nye video OR community walk)

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.27.39 PM.png