CAPA Level 1
Focus Skill 8: Explore Gravity by causing different objects to fall (eg. feather, ballon, ball, etc.)
a. student holds two objects, one in each hand.
b. student identifies which object is heavier or "lighter".
c. student drops both objects
d. student identifies which object landed first

Focus Skill 9: Hold object and release upon request.
a. will identify object to release
b. pick up object to release
c. hold object until directed to release
d. release object upon request.

(collect leaf, ball, and balloon)

Gravity is a natural phenomenon that gives weight to physical objects and causes them to fall toward the ground when dropped.

Today we are going to test this on a leaf,

Leaf 1.jpg

a ball,

Ball 1.jpg

and a balloon. Or an inflated blue medical glove.

Ballon 1 .jpg

But first let's watch this video clip.

Let's look at our item's again.
Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.54.51 PM.png

(have students gather at back table in large group, or push desks together in one island)

Let's explore the objects. Which seems heavier? Which seems lighter?

Have each student pick up and hold up two objects, one in each hand.
1) Identify which is "heavier" or "lighter"
2) Have them drop both objects simultaneously, upon request.
3) Have them identify which landed first.

(for closure, watch full Billy Nye video).