Bridge Construction Experiment

(open with road trip - car bridge scene, mute for cuss word at 20sec, unmute at 30. end video at 2:48).

Today we are going to talk about structures and more specifically, bridges.

A bridge is a structure that helps us get over an obstacle when going from one place to another.


Early bridges were made out of fallen trees.

Over time we learned how to make better, stronger bridges.

Arkadiko Bridge .jpg
Here is Arkadiko Bridge in Greece, it's the oldest bridge in existence.


Suspension bridge over Pedlar River.jpg

Here are some of the most famous bridges in the world.

Golden Gate Bridge.jpg

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA

Brooklyn Bridge.jpeg

Brooklyn Bridge in New York

London Bridge.jpg
London Bridge in the UK.

millau viaduct 1.jpg

The Millau Viaduct in France.
millau viaduct 2.JPG
millau viaduct 3.jpg

Do you notice something common or similar in these bridges? Do they have any similar shapes?

sydney harbour bridge.jpg

Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia.

akashi kaikyo bridge 1.jpg

Akashi Kaiko Bridge in Japan, currently the longest spanning bridge in the world.

akashi kaikyo bridge 2.jpg

akashi kaikyo bridge 3.jpg

(watch Bill Nye video on structures, call on students to say one thing they learned about bridges).

Let the students know that tomorrow, they are going to make a bridge so to be thinking of what a good, strong bridge looks like. (for period 4, winning group gets taco bell)

For Day 2, review pictures and talk about Bill Nye video. Ask students to share what they remember about bridges. Do example from Experiment book and ask students why one worked better than the other. Then have students form groups of 2-3 with a staff and have them make their own bridges. Test bridges out, winning group gets Taco Bell.

Bridge Ideas

Bridge Idea 1.GIF

Bridge Idea 3.jpg

Bridge Idea 2.jpg

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 7.16.24 AM.png