Lipids are an energy source for cells.

Lipids carry vitamins and essential fatty acids to cells.

Examples of food containing lipids are butter, lard, and cooking oils.


Your body stores fat that can later be used for energy when your body needs it. People need to have a stored source of energy or fuel reserve.

While eating some fatty foods are good, eating too much over time may increase the chance of heart disease.

A build up of fat in the body can make it harder for blood to flow to where it needs to be, increasing the risk of heart attack.


Trans fats are found in snack foods like the ones above and is made by adding hydrogen to the
vegetable oils used in these foods. They increase the life of the food you eat. Some trans fat is found naturally in foods like dairy, some meat, and other animal-based foods.



Are lipids important? Why? (because the body stores fat for later use).

What do your body use excess (or extra) fat for? (for energy)