Proteins are the most complicated molecules in living things.


This picture shows different foods that are good sources of protein. Things like chicken, beef, fish, eggs, and nuts are good sources of protein. Proteins are large groups of amino acids, often called the building blocks of life because they contain oxygen and water.


The human body contains hundreds of thousands of different types of proteins. Each protein is unique and essential for life.

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Proteins provide the support needed for hair, feathers, ligaments, and spider webs.

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Some proteins are used as storage in seeds and eggs.


Your genes or DNA have the instructions to make proteins. A gene is a section of DNA (or blood) that carries information that a parent passes to its offspring.


Proteins are essential and used in all types of activity and life.


The human body cannot make protein, it comes from the things that we eat.

A diet that does not include complete proteins will have bad consequences on our health.


Proteins are absorbed by our body into are blood, and then are carried to all our different parts to help build cells in our limbs.


1) Can you point to a good source of protein?

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2) Which food group contains proteins?


3) What is your favorite source of protein?